Downtime tonight

We’re doing an update later tonight that will require taking all the servers down at once. It won’t be very long (famous last words), but it can’t be staggered sadly.

Update: All done. Everything seems to be normal.

Network issues

Our datacenter is currently experiencing network issues.  We’ll update as we get more information.

Update tonight 4/1

We’re planning an update this evening, around a half hour maybe of expected downtime.

9:46 PM PDT: downtime starts now.

10:07 PM PDT: we appear to be back and good.

A brief hiccup

3/25/14 - We’re in the process of applying some changes right now. Sit tight, it will be right back.

Some networking troubles

2/22/14 - We’ve been having some networking difficulties and are working on a fix.

Edited to add: Um, I also apparently don’t know what date it is today. We had trouble on the 22nd, but we’re having a redux today 2/23.

Update: We seem to have a solution that is holding.

12/19/13: 8:04 PST: We’re checking into the errors coming up right now.

Update: it’s a networking issue at our provider. Good times. Nothing we can do but practice wearing our angry eyebrows.

8:30 pm: Apparently the angry eyebrows worked. Also, they kept us from being attacked by tigers that whole time.

12/11/13: We’re planning a site update tonight which may involve some brief downtime.

10:23 pm PST: brief downtime starting now; we should be right back.

10:31 pm: A little longer than we guessed, maybe another 10 minutes.

10:46 pm: We’re back with the new stuff, may be oddities for a few minutes still.

All done now. A few little things to fix for tomorrow.

Wed Aug 7, 9:58 pm pdt: The site will be going down shortly for planned upgrades tonight. We expect to be down for around an hour.

10:38 pm: downtime is starting…

11:31 pm: we still have some data updates to finish… maybe another half hour. 

12:25 am: Always the optimist. Still, everything is going smoothly, just slowly.

12:44 am: We’re flipping it on. Let’s see what we broke.

1:45 am: We had a css file that got corrupted, and we’re just using our noodly appendages to poke in all the corners, test all the new routes, etc…

2:39 am: all looks good!

Having an issue with the mobile site. We’re on it.

Update: all better now.

Our DNS provider is experiencing a denial of service attack. If you can see this, you’re probably not affected. We’re on it.

Update: We have a new DNS provider and this should be propagating through the network.

Final update: We seem to be all back, and with our brand new DNS provider. That wasn’t any fun at all.