Doing an update tonight

Shouldn’t be very long. Hopefully these are not famous last words.

Update: And done.

7/19/14, 10 pm PDT: apparent networking troubles. We’re looking into it.image

10:30 pm PDT: the main site is back, but the m. site and the image library and functions related to posting a diary with images are still down.

6:43 am PDT: Almost everything is back in order finally, but I’m waiting for one last server to be resolved before deeming everything fully fixed.

8:02 am PDT: We seem to have everything back together now, and everything should be normal.

Thar be network maintenance where we host our servers, and said network maintenance has knocked us offline for a bit. It’s supposed to be “brief”, so hopefully it’ll be done soon.

Update: 1:27 am pacific.. I think they meant ‘soon’ in the geologic sense. Looks like we’re at least partly back up, but some services, like images, may fail for a while.

Update: 4:03 am pacific: it’s all back. We are so, so grumpy. But at least it all works now.

DB maintenance tonight

Doing a little bit of db maintenance right now.

Update: And we’re done.

DB maintenance tonight

We have to run some db maintenance, and as a precaution we’re taking the site down for it. Shouldn’t be too long.

Planned downtime 4/26

We’re going to do some work on the database that requires some downtime, maybe about an hour starting at 9:30 pm PST or so.


Here are some nice soothing trees to keep you company in the meantime. Just a few minutes more.

Update: We’re back up and checking things out at 10:48 pm PDT. Couple things seem not quite right just yet.

Update: at 11:22 pm PDT it is looking pretty good.

Update: at 11:42 pm PDT we are done.

Downtime tonight

We’re doing an update later tonight that will require taking all the servers down at once. It won’t be very long (famous last words), but it can’t be staggered sadly.

Update: All done. Everything seems to be normal.

Network issues

Our datacenter is currently experiencing network issues.  We’ll update as we get more information.

Update tonight 4/1

We’re planning an update this evening, around a half hour maybe of expected downtime.

9:46 PM PDT: downtime starts now.

10:07 PM PDT: we appear to be back and good.

A brief hiccup

3/25/14 - We’re in the process of applying some changes right now. Sit tight, it will be right back.